The objectives of the third module are:

- being able to give a presentation (on an architectural project) in English

- being able to write a summary of an architectural project

- being able to understand spoken architectural oriented English

The evaluation of the third module of AOE is based on:


final oral exam (55%): 2 questions based on the summmary of your project and the texts of the "Reading File" you have to prepare and hand in through Moodle, as well as on the written summary of your project,


permanent evaluation (45%): based on a listening comprehension, weekly presentations and the presentation of your project.


As explained during the first class I expect from you:

weekly presentations: a 3-minute presentation you have to prepare every week by writing down a summary on a form ("weekly presentation") available on Moodle. Once filled out, this form must be uploaded on Moodle by the day of the presentation

the presentation of your project in front of the students: firstly, you have to write a summary of your project on the specific form ("project summary") available on Moodle. This form must be uploaded on Moodle by the expected date. 

 Then, you will have to give your presentation in front of the students. This presentation is part of the permanent evaluation!

a summary (+ vocabulary) of 5 texts: these summaries (written on the form called "reading file form") must be uploaded on Moodle by the expected dates. They will be used for the first part of the oral examination (one of the questions, see above).